Addressing our Polarities

We are DYNAMIC. You may have parts of you that want to RUN towards love and also parts of you that want to run AWAY from it.

It’s called POLARITY! And it’s totally normal 💖

I often hear people judging themselves for not being able to make up their minds easily and feeling confused by their own conflicting thoughts.

When I use IFS with clients, we actually map out these parts of ourselves. We can understand why exactly this dynamic is happening and it ALWAYS makes sense. We can also restore the essential qualities of ourselves, so that these polarities become more harmonious.

In my client sessions, I will have them imagine sitting the parts that are functioning in polarity with each other down at a conference table and holding a meeting, so that we can begin to negotiate and find compromise. This, my loves, is therapeutic work, it’s learning how to be engaged with yourself in an empowered way. You are the captain of your ship!