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Stacia Aashna | Life Coach | Clinical Hypnotherapist

Embracing Transformation: Unforgettable Moments at the San Diego Yoga Festival

What a wonderful weekend at the San Diego Yoga Festival! It was two days filled with connections and learning. I am so thankful for everyone who came out and embraced the spirit of this event.

These two days were filled with unforgettable moments:

❤️ Witnessed a heartfelt transformation as I encouraged a man to cradle his anger with compassion using my trusty care bear, resulting in tears of release.

❤️ During a mini IFS and chi machine session, a man’s neck pain magically vanished, traced back to his source of grief, which he lovingly embraced.

❤️ Helped a man regain sensation on his long-neglected right side, thanks to the powerful somatic technique of pendulation—a deeply emotional breakthrough!

❤️ Celebrated a wonderful woman’s journey towards self-discovery, shedding her “people pleaser” identity to embrace her true self.

❤️ My Sunday evening class ended with a transformative meditation, where participants opened their eyes to witness the majestic Pacific Ocean sunset. 🌅

As I shared above, Sunday evening, I had the pleasure of guiding a group of 40 wonderful people in the “Befriend Your Body” class.
Together, we worked through practices grounded in Internal Family Systems and somatic learning. We discussed practical ways to understand and connect with our bodies on a deeper level to foster relaxation and build confidence.

Thank you to those who attended and for the remarkable energy you brought into the space. And a big shout out to everyone who stopped by my booth — it was fantastic connecting with you all! ❤️ Even though the festival is over, but the journey to nurturing a healthier relationship with our bodies continues.

If you feel called to explore this further, I am here! Book a free call with me to learn about how I can continue to guide you on this journey. 💫