Learning from our Families

Oof! 🥺 Anyone (everyone) else relate? Our families have a way of pressing all of those buttons inside of us. Things that we work hard to hide, to protect ourselves from, there’s usually no hiding from with family.

And with our families, come expectations. We expect them to be there for us, to “get us,” but so often they just don’t. Often, family members may disappoint us, hurt us (indirectly or directly) and rather than confront and heal those wounds, we just carry those burdens on to the next generation…And the cycle of trauma continues. 💔

Letting go of those expectations and seeing our family members as humans who also make mistakes and live very dynamic and complicated lives, is a healing and loving thing to do. Healing our legacy burdens, the ties that keep us bound to our family trauma, is tough work! But it is part of, a BIG PART, of returning to a place of wholeness. ❤️

YOU can choose to be the one in your family to stop the cycle, to heal and create new patterns built on consciousness, love and compassion. 🙏🏻