The Myth that we are Alone in our Challenges

After over a decade of facilitating yoga & meditation groups, support groups of various kinds, hypnotherapy and life coaching sessions with people, I have noticed so many commonalities between the people I meet and work with. Some of these common themes that I’ve noticed include:

  • Work struggles manifesting in the ways of feeling powerless and voiceless; finding ourselves drained from working roles that do not align with our values and passions; drama and meditating colleagues when that’s not our role, etc…
  • Partner struggles ranging from those who feel hopeless in the pursuit of love to those who’ve been married for 30+ years and it’s feeling dried up to the completely abusive, but ongoing
  • Family struggles, sibling rivalry, adults feeling still under their parent’s thumb, parents who have lost connection to their children, etc.
  • Body image issues, sexual repression, physical and sexual abuse and subsequently, the very real pain of feeling shame for experiencing and feeling these things
  • And fundamentally, the overall theme of feeling disconnected from ourselves, having no compass for how to tune into our own feelings, body and Soul

With all of these profound connections we have in this world of banning our shadows, most people I have facilitated have at some point expressed the thought they are alone in their struggle: “Why does everyone else have it together? Why am I so messed up?”

Of course this is so far from the truth.

I have worked with millionaires who seemingly have it all and yet, they too sometimes struggle with the seemingly unmanageable feelings of being lost and disconnected. In truth, all of these things that we struggle with are normal and make us human. In addition, we are also so very connected in our desires to be happy, healthy, healed and connected.

In our society, we are making progress with speaking openly about our feelings and about mental health. However, there is still work to do. Our willingness to do so, is what will change the societal narrative about feelings and mental health. And through that, it will seep into the collective consciousness that: you are not alone and there is nothing to be ashamed of for expressing your feelings in a healthy way.

Talking openly about what we feel and how we heal is a beautiful thing

ps. loves, don’t be too hard on yourself, join a support group, get a therapist, find friends who know how to listen and love you; I believe in you