Who are YOU?

“When you learn to love yourself and feel really comfortable with being single, then you will attract the right partner.” – I overheard this recently and it made me think…

It’s a nice sentiment, and I do agree with it, to some extent. However, is it always true? No, and thank goodness because some of us take a while to get there. I believe that it is totally possible to find a loving, supportive partner while you are doing the work to love yourself and not yet there.

Regardless, it is a good topic to reflect on, that of self love. At the end of the day, when you are laying with yourself, how present are you with yourself? Are you living your life honestly and in congruence with your values and passions? How much time have you taken to be with all of the parts of you that have a voice, have needs and want so much to express them?

Furthermore, what does it mean to love oneself? Well, you first must understand and know what you are, and you must be willing to see all of you in your reflection, which from my experience requires introspective work (in the form of therapy, meditation, etc.) Can you love ALL that you are? I believe you can learn how to.

We all have different parts of us with different needs and it is our own unique path to meet and understand them. And then to love them.

In the work I do, I teach my clients how to be present with all of the parts of themselves. As we become present with our selves, we can address their needs and through being present with them, we develop new ways of relating to and experiencing the present. Thus, your life changes. You can live in a state of presence, of conscious choice. Can you imagine that sort of freedom? Who are you when you are no longer trapped in the past?

What opens up when you bring yourself into the present moment can be a very beautiful, eye-opening experience. It’s an unburdened place, where you care for yourself through listening to, loving and giving to you. You no longer need to look to the outside world to fill voids internally because you have tapped the flow of your own awesome loving presence.

I know this is possible for you and I wish you all the deepest experience of you being and loving all of YOU.