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Stacia Aashna | Life Coach | Clinical Hypnotherapist

Podcast Feature: Cope and Chill

I recently sat down with Ron Martin for his podcast, Cope and Chill. During this talk, we discussed how to heal from trauma. What I love about Ron’s approach is that he really wants to make healing accessible, which is also a great passion of mine!

During this conversation, we talked about three alternative approaches to healing trauma. As you may know from you own experience, or from someone you know, not every approach works for everyone. In my personal experience, each client is different and that is why I bring a myriad of modalities to my work.

I help my clients work through and heal their trauma using Internal Family Systems, Hypnosis and Somatic Experiencing. If you are curious to know more about these therapies, please listen to this podcast episode, so you can learn more!

Listen here